Executive Team

Adithi Raghavan

Adithi has been coding for 3 years. She began by experimenting with Scratch before moving on to other languages like Python and Java. She received the highest score of 5 on the AP Computer Science A exam which set her apart as an extremely qualified individual. As someone with diverse interests, she's embarked upon various projects. These include app developmennt, bioinformatics training, and research in AI (artificial intelligence). Her app BEEducated won the MIT AppInventor award for most creative app. She and her friend are now enhancing the app for commercial use as the official app to represent the MIT AppInventor logo: "Codi the Bee." 

Beyond that, Adithi is also passionate about community service. After volunteering at her brother's elementary school, she noticed that there were no opportunities for kids to learn about computer science. Most had to wait until high school before they received any exposure to the subject. Thus, code+Charms was formed. It's an organization dedicated to teaching computer science fundamentals to youth from underserved areas in Western Washington and beyond. 

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Angelina Kuo

Angelina Kuo is a rising high school senior in Mill Creek, WA. She serves as the Communications Director for code+Charms. Angelina became interested in coding during her freshman year of high school, taking classes such as video game design and computer science principles. In the summer after her sophomore year, Angelina participated in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Microsoft, where she spent 7 weeks learning various programming languages and collaborated with others on small projects. There, she created and pitched a website, College Chef, with two other team members to a large group audience, aimed at helping college students create easy, affordable, and delicious meals as busy students. After the program, she founded and became the president of her school's Girls Who Code club, leading others to learn how to code and develop projects that assist the community. In her free time, Angelina enjoys hiking, swimming, and simply spending time with friends.

Communications Director

Paola Suarez

Paola Suarez is going onto her second year at California State University, Northridge. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and considering a possible minor in Chicanx Studies. She was originally exposed to Computer Science and programming while she was attending the 2016 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Disney. There she learned the basics of languages such as Python and HTML. More recently, she gained experience working with Java and created an application that is similar to Facebook.

Paola serves as the advisor for the organization. In this role, she provides guidance for the rest of the team and lends a helping hand in any way she can. She helps the organization continue moving forward and expanding.

She is very involved in a variety of campus organizations and works with incoming freshman/transfer students, undocumented students, and other diverse populations. Paola is very passionate about giving back to her community and helping anyone in any way she can. In her free time, Paola enjoys camping, reading, watching TV shows, and being out in nature. She also enjoys researching natural medicines as well as exploring the many diverse cultures and cuisines of Los Angeles.

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Sasha on her volunteering experience with code+Charms: "I find it very cool how kids learn, they have a completely different perspective on the world which comes handy in coding. Their imagination is exactly what helps them progress and I love helping them achieve their goals."