Learn Coding


We use our personalized curriculum to provide free lessons about coding fundamentals.

Write Programs


We teach underprivileged youth how to write programs in Scratch and algorithms in Python.

Apply Knowledge


We provide real world applications of computer science that broaden their horizons. Opportunities include access to technology competitions (for all levels/grades) and job opportunities. 

Curriculum & Benefits


Computer Science Applications

Provides a broad range of occupations utilizing computer science in an effort to illustrate possible areas of applying their knowledge

4 Coding Fundamentals

We provide real world examples to help instill the following concepts: Variables, Conditionals, Loops, and Functions 

Real World Examples

Each fundamental features a live demo of the concept in real world examples. At the end of the session, participants will be able to connect coding concepts and apply it to the problems they see around them.

Scratch and/or Python

A live walk through of how to implement the coding fundamentals in code and what the syntax means. Learn the basics of Scratch and Python by creating your own mini-game or writing an algorithm to solve a real world problem.

Materials Provided at No Cost

Writing materials, curriculum and programs (Scratch/Python) will be provided by us. Locations for the sessions will vary for different dates. 

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